Rock 'n Roll - Select Two Services

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Choose TWO services for your event bar.

Set up a full service pop-up bar that includes product, delivery, bar setup (cups and ice included), knowledgeable licensed bartenders, 2 hours of open bar service, and tear down. Extended time fee and glassware are available on request.

SIPBAR will arrive 1 hour prior to event start time.

*Public Events Vs. Private Events:

Private Event: Special Occasion Permit (SOP) not required. Events that take place in a private office or residence, and are invite only (not available for public access) do not require an SOP.

Public Event: SOP required. All events that are available to the public (including by online ticket purchases, or taking place not in a private venue) will require you to submit to the LCBO an Application for a Special Occassion Permit. This is a requirement for booking SIPBAR at a public event.
**Disclaimer: Image displayed (above) does not reflect the exact brand that will be poured at your event. SIPBAR is a licensed agent of the LCBO and AGCO. SIPBAR does not sell or mark up alcohol, but rather arranges for clients to purchase, or receive product donations where applicable, from the LCBO or Ontario wine and beer producers represented by SIPBAR. In addition, the SIPBAR service includes smart-serve certified bartender(s) and full pop-up bar setup. SIPBAR does not serve to anyone under the age of 19 and does not permit the immoderate consumption of alcohol. More information on the SIPBAR service and cancellation policy can be found in the Terms & Conditions.