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    Get started by clicking the "Play" button above & build your bar. SIPBAR includes a full bar setup with craft beer, wine, spirits, and certified bartenders.

  • Book Your Event

    Tell us the date & time of your event, and the number of people you are expecting. Set the duration of your event to 2 hours or longer. 

  • Impress and Enjoy

    Do less to impress! Easily book your SIPBAR and let us take care of the rest. We set up an incredible bar experience with premium products and knowledgeable bartenders for any type of event.


What is SIPBAR?

SIPBAR is an easy to book pop-up bar service for any type of event.  SIPBAR activates a full bar experience; prices include smart-serve certified bartenders, selections of craft beer & quality wines, a full back bar, signature cocktails, and anything else that our clients might need to host a successful event.

When should I use SIPBAR?

SIPBAR services weddings, cocktail parties, condo party rooms, private homes, office socials, client parties, conference & speaker events, receptions, charity events, gallery openings, retail pop-ups, community events and much more.

What services does SIPBAR offer?

Customize the bar for your event. You can build your bar to include a selection of craft beer, red & white wines (rosé too!), a full back bar for mixed drinks, as well as a signature cocktail station! Thinking of a Moscow Mule, Caesars, Old Fashioneds, or Margaritas for your event? Us too.

How much is SIPBAR?

SIPBAR is priced based on how you choose to build your bar. Prices can start as low as $15 person for a 2 hour open bar. Customizing the bar to meet your event needs can increase prices up to $45 per person or more.

Licensing and permitting for your event

Public Event: SOP required. All events that are available to the public (including by online ticket purchases) will require you to submit to the LCBO an Application for a Special Occassion Permit. This is a requirement for booking SIPBAR at a public event. SIPBAR can easily service your event after you have sent us your approved SOP.

Private Event: SOP not required. Events that take place in a private office or resident and are invite only (not available for public access) do not require an SOP.

How long in advance do I need to book SIPBAR?

SIPBAR is both on-demand and can be scheduled in advanced.

SIPBAR can be booked as soon as the day before your event, as long as you have the Special Occasions Permit approved by the LCBO, or your event is private (no SOP). You can schedule a SIPBAR weeks in advanced as well.



SIPBAR currently operates in Toronto, Canada (and the surrounding areas) - send us an email if you'd like to see us in your city soon!